Alliance Plastics
With four manufacturing locations throughout the United States, Alliance Plastics is one of the premier manufacturers of films, tapes, and edgeguards. This veteran-owned company provides high quality plastic products for Iowa-Des Moines Supply customers.
American Dawn
American Dawn is a global leader in reusable textile solutions. Whether a business needs raw cloth items for manufacturing or detailed textiles for the foodservice industry, their products are created with the highest standard!
Amercare / Primeware
Providing over 1,200 branded products for the foodservice and retail industries, Amercare has a plethora of products to help your business operate smoothly. Amercare currently serves the disposable needs for restaurant chains throughout the United States.
ASI Group
American Specialties, Inc. designs and manufacturers items fit for any sort of commercial or public washroom. Products include accessories, partitions, lockers, and visual display products.
AVM Enterprises
A leader in hospitality supply services, AVM Enterprises offers a diverse and extended catalog of products from over forty different brands. Their hospitality products are perfect for lobby areas, public restrooms, break rooms, and more.
A family-business founded in 1950, Betco offers a wide range of products and chemical solutions for commercial cleaning. Their innovative products are widely used all around the world to provide top-notch cleanliness to commercial and industrial properties.
Restroom accessories and bathroom design can create a great experience for patrons within your building. Bobrick’s restroom items rethink what it means to have a uniform, clean area with washroom accessories, toilet partitions, cubicle systems, and much more.
Brown Paper Goods
Brown Paper Goods has been manufacturing customized bags for the foodservice industry for years. Based out of Waukegan, Il, they produce thousands of specialty bags a week that fulfill a large amount of commercial needs.
Browne Foodservice
Innovating the foodservice industry since 1949, Browne Foodservice has always been on the forefront of design and practicality when it comes to creating, preserving, and serving food. Whether it’s a meal for two or there are thousands of mouths to feed, their products make foodservice a high-class experience.
Carlisle / San Jamar Foodservice Products
Whether you need foodservice products for catering business or sanitary maintenance products for your restaurant, Carlisle Foodservice Products has the supplies you need to provide a smarter, safer, and more sanitary foodservice operation.
Cascades PRO
Cascades PRO carries a diverse lineup of products for restrooms, lunchrooms, classrooms, breakrooms, and more. Their eco-friendly products include, but are not limited to, hand towels, bath tissues, dispensers, napkins, kitchen roll towels, facial tissues, and wipers.
Based out of Illinois, Claire Manufacturing Company specializes in creating aerosols, including disinfectants, cleaners, polishes, and air fresheners. Their fresheners can be utilized in any business, industrial, healthcare, foodservice, and learning environment.
CMA Dishmachines
Starting out as a small warewashing equipment company under the name “Energy Mizer”, CMA has grown into an industry leader for manufacturing warewash equipment. Today, their dishmachines, glasswashers, and warewashing equipment is used by businesses and organizations all over the United States.
DART Container Corporation
DART, an industry leader in development, manufacturing, and distribution of foodservice packaging solutions, creates cups, plates, containers, lids, straws, and many more. Their catalog of over 4,000 products can be found in restaurants, hospitals, schools, and homes.
Dexter-Russell, Inc.
Knives and cutting utensils come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Dexter-Russell is on the ‘cutting edge’ of knife technology with their high quality, diverse inventory of cutting tools for foodservice and industrial industries.
Diversified Hospitality Solutions
Since 2006, Diversified Hospitality Services has become one of the United States’ top hospitality suppliers. Their diverse catalog of products serve the needs of businesses of all sizes, ranging from low budget motels up to 5-star resorts. Their products will certainly create a memorable experience for your guests.
Elkay Plastics
Founded in Los Angeles in 1968, Elkay Plastics have been one of the most recognizable names in the packaging industry for decades. They sell flexible packaging products for foodservice, healthcare, and industrial markets throughout the United States. Their plastic bags serve a variety of business needs to help you operate at a higher level.
Empress Products
Carrying thousands of high-quality, disposable foodservice products, Empress Products has been on the forefront of an eco-friendly approach to the disposable products industry. Their products are sure to leave your customers pleased.
Formerly SCA, Tork provides a large catalog of products for washrooms and dining centers of all shapes and sizes. Paper towels, toilet paper, skin care products, centerfeed towel dispensers, and sanitizers are just a few to name.
Fabri-Kal are known for their highly reliable foodservice products. They, too, take a focus in creating greenware foodservice products that serve education and recreation markets. If you are interested in making the leap to entirely greenware foodservice products, Fabri-Kal is a great place to start.
Fee Brothers
A family-owned business that has been around since 1864, Fee Brothers specialize in products for mixing products for bars and restaurants. Whether your location needs cocktail mixes, bitters, cordial syrups, brines, or botanical waters, the Fee Brothers have exactly what you need.
Sanitation is highly important in providing your customers or guests with a good experience in your storefront or workplace. Cleaners, deodorizers, skin care, and air care products are all important in keeping morale high and providing a memorable experience for your customers.
Fresh Products
Studies have shown that smell is the strongest sense for recalling memories. So when customers step into your building or guests stay the night at your hotel, what smells do you want them to recall? Fresh Products supplies patented products for air fresheners, toilet and bowl care, floor mats, liquids, fragrances, grease fighters and more for your building to have top notch odor.
Fromm Air Systems
Fromm’s Airpad machines changed how simple packaging products could be. Their easy-to-use packaging products allows air-filled film products to fill the void spaces in packaging, which drastically upgrades the protection on every product being shipped.
High-quality aluminum products drastically reduce cleanup costs and effort in the foodservice industry. Handi-foil’s recyclable products allow restaurants, caterers, and everything in between to protect their food while also saving time and money.
The foodservice industry survives off the ability of lighting and cooking fuels to get the job done. Whether it’s for setting the mood at the dinner table, or providing chafing fuels and butane for cooking purposes, Hollowick has everything in between.
Hoffmaster has been a staple name in disposable tabletop products for over 65 years. Their innovative products have paved the way for design, color, and reliability for multiple decades. In 2018, the acquired Aardvark Straws, the sole producer of paper straws in the United States.
Founded in 1919, Hospeco is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection products for the janitorial, industrial supply, foodservice, healthcare, and hospitality industries. Their personal care products help create sanitary spaces for workspaces and storefronts.
M+A Matting
Standing for “Mountville and Andersen”, M+A Matting has nearly a century of combined experience in developing and manufacturing mats to create safer working environments. Driven by quality and innovation, their high-performance matting is great for all types of industries.
What does a restaurant or catering business need to stand out? Flavor. For well over a century now, Monin has been providing culinary blends of sauces, syrups, concentrated flavors for the food industry. Spice up your food offerings with their products.
Nexstep Commercial Products
Nexstep is the exclusive licensee of O-Cedar cleaning products for commercial businesses. Their patented cleaning products are perfect for the janitorial needs of any hotel, restaurant, or business. Stay on top of your janitorial sanitation with their top of the line products.
NSS Enterprises
NSS Enterprises has been a leading manufacturer of industrial cleaning solutions since 1911. NSS automatic scrubbers, battery burnishers, vacuums, carpet cleaners, and floor machines have allowed businesses, hospitals, and schools around the world to benefit for sanitary purposes.
Ice melt is needed for every business, school, hospital, and restaurant when winter time comes in Iowa. Ossian provides environmentally friendly liquid deicers for highways, sidewalks, and parking lots.
Pitt Plastics Inc.
Based out of Pittsburg, KS, Pitt Plastics focuses on creating commercial can liners for all types of industries.
Procter & Gamble
One of the world’s largest conglomerates of commercial product brands, P&G carries products for almost anything your business, hotel, school, or restaurant might needs for personal care, oral care, skin care, feminine care, and baby care products.
One of the global leaders in providing commercial cleaning products, Rubbermaid delivers exceptionally high-quality products from a variety of brands that they overlook. Whether you need durable trash containers, mopping systems, washroom materials, or any other janitorial items, Rubbermaid has you covered.
Sabert has over 30 years of experience in food packaging and foodservice products. They are actively innovating their products to meet the highest of standards within the foodservice industry.
The Safety Zone
Leading the United States in quality gloves and other personal protection is something that The Safety Zone has been doing since 1973. Their products have a wide range of uses, including in foodservice, janitorial, manufacturing, industrial, medical markets and hospitality industries.
Shangri La Tea Company
For more than 20 years, Shangri La Tea Company have been providing American tea lovers with the highest quality tea products that can be found. Their in-house experts are constantly refining their tea products for consumers and businesses. Since 2008, they have been awarded every year in the North American Tea Championship.
When it comes to specialty tapes and overlaminates for products, STA has been a go-to name since 1976. They have helped pioneer high-quality pressure sensitive tapes that are manufactured right here in the United States.
Tolco Corporation
What started out as a company that focused exclusively on high-quality trigger sprayers, Tolco now carries over 500 different products for janitorial, foodservice, industrial, commercial, automotive, animal health, and many other markets. Founded in 1961, Tolco has been pushing innovation in the sanitary industry for decades.
US Chemical
US Chemical is the number one producer of private label institutional cleaning products. Their commitment to innovation and unmatched customer service allow businesses to enjoy the luxuries of a cleaner, healthier work environment. Their warewash, laundry, and housekeeping products are top of the line.
Vollrath specializes in stainless steel or aluminum cookware for the foodservice industry. Their reliable, highly-reliable products help restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses advance the art of their hospitality process.
Western Plastics
Western Plastics creates industrial & foodservice packaging products that are sold to authorized distributors throughout the United States. Their products include foil containers, cutterbox foodservice film, printed stretch film, vented pallet wraps, and plenty more.