Responsibility to our Community: Eco-Friendly Operation and Earth-Cognizant Products

For our kids, grandkids, and future generations, Iowa-Des Moines Supply commits to reducing our impact on the Earth; not only are we conscious of the products and services we offer as a company, but we are also cognizant of the effect our facility and operations have on the environment.

Partnership and Participation in 

DEAL is a structured learning, analytics, and awards program to get and keep businesses streamlined and fit so they can:

  1. Implement Efficient and Sustainable Practices
  2. Give our Customers the Supply-Chain Information They Need
  3. Create a Healthier, Greener Community

Three Steps to a Greener Community

1. Set Goals  2. Track Data  3. Reduce Usage  


To be Accountable to our Commitment of Environmental Stewardship, we Set Goals and Track Data.

  • Goals
    • Provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions to our customers.
    • Participate in local events and be an active member of the community.
    • Reduce energy, water and fuel consumption by 2% each year.
    • Participate in the DEAL program to keep improving.
    • Maintain a recycling program for pallets, shrink wrap and cardboard.
  • Tracked Data
    • Benchmark our performance to track progress and prevent backslide.
    • Review performance regularly to ensure we are meeting our goals.

Through Hard Work and Dedication, we are Proud to Share our Usage Reduction Progress.

  • Achieved ENERGY STAR scores of 90 and 82 at Baker Supply & Iowa-Des Moines Supply, respectively.
  • Provided a diverse catalogue of sustainable products to customers, making up 75% of items sold.
  • Donated time, money and/or products to: United Way, Food Bank of Iowa, YESS, Friends of Des Moines Parks, Variety Club of Iowa, Children and Families of Iowa, YMCA, Alzheimer’s Association, Shrine Circus, and the Positive Outreach Program.
  • Installed LED lighting in Baker Paper & Supply facility.
  • Coordinated compostable products to the Des Moines Arts Festival to help make it a landfill-free event.
  • Achieved ENERGY STAR certification at the Iowa-Des Moines Supply distribution center
  • Maintained a U.S. EPA SmartWay certified delivery fleet.

Working with our Partners in Sustainability


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