Delivery, Management & Maintenance Services

Our meticulously planned processes for delivery, inventory management, and product maintenance were designed with the customer in mind. We make efficiency, timeliness, and quick response our goal. All of our personnel have direct contact with company president Todd Weidmaier in order to streamline communication and maintain integrity at all levels. Every supply distributor promises great service, but only Iowa Des Moines Supply can deliver, and we have been for over 75 years.

Our bottom line is we provide you service that is:

  •  Trouble – free
  • Efficient
  • Consistent
  • Meets your expectations
  • Lowers your overall operating cost

Accurate Orders Delivered at Your Demand

When you need a product, you can expect it to be in stock at Iowa-Des Moines Supply, eliminating any need to carry excess inventory. Count on accurate orders delivered in a timely manner thanks to our no-fail procedures and quality assurance testing. Are you in a bundle? We can cover your last-minute supply needs by allowing for day-before orders. We can add orders to your area’s delivery as late as a day before delivery day, resulting in timely inventory practices. Our team is also available for emergency deliveries, always ready to accommodate your business needs.

Stocked Inventory Without the Stress

Place your inventory upkeep in our expert hands. Our account managers can be as involved in your inventory management as you want and need; we are flexible to the needs of your business. Iowa-Des Moines Supply will work with you whether you want full inventory management services or minimal assistance.

You can also save space at your property by housing and storing your inventory with us at no additional cost. In order to provide our customers with this luxury, we purchase supply in larger volumes to allow for greater cost savings. A large percentage of our inventory is special stock that we keep as back-up inventory for our customers, so you can not only store with us, but rest in knowing we will always be sure you have ample materials on property.

Iowa-Des Moines Supply can also accommodate your branding needs. If you wish to have your company’s name or logo printed on products ordered in bulk, we will warehouse and deliver these products to you as needed. Your Iowa-Des Moines Supply account manager will work with you to ensure your inventory is stable and stocked at all times for your business.

Providing Quality Products with Budget Benefits

Our expert team at Iowa-Des Moines Supply constantly researches new and evaluates new products against our current suppliers. We then purchase from over 300 manufacturers to give you variety and stay up to date about new and improved products by attending national trade shows. We strive to provide our customers with products and services that solve their industry problems without breaking the bank. Our dilligence and research into different manufacturers allows us to offer multiple price points and meet any company’s budget.

24/7 Support and Maintenance

Don’t fret if your equipment breaks down while you’re closing up shop. Iowa-Des Moines Supply service staff is on-call 24/7. Our service department responds to emergencies in less than two hours, guaranteed. Oftentimes our staff can respond in less than one hour. The Iowa-Des Moines Supply service team is trained in the IDMS warewash programs, IDMS laundry systems, coffee service equipment, floorcare equipment, and industrial packaging equipment. We take pride in being the best.


Summon our service team for the installation and service of our Betco laundry and warewash programs. We understand it is difficult and sometimes impossible to conduct business when equipment is non-functional; that is why we provide customers with immediate service.Our preventative maintenance program minimizes emergencies and improves customer results.  You can expect precise and expert work at the hands of our Iowa-Des Moines Supply service team.


Install and service your packaging materials by choosing Iowa-Des Moines Supply. Trained at the schools of the manufacturers, you can anticipate knowledgeable service technicians restoring your equipment to efficient, working condition. Our team is on-call 24/7 in order to ensure the continued operation of your business.


Acquiring and storing the right mechanisms for your janitorial supplies is necessary for running an efficient cleaning operation.We make sure the products we supply you are in working order and always stocked. The Iowa-Des Moines Supply service department installs and services janitorial, housekeeping, and paper dispensers. We are at your service 24-7 to help you keep your cleanliness standards.


Commercial dishwashers can be pricey and serve as a financial barrier to setting up your business for success. Iowa-Des Moines Supply leases commercial-grade dishwashers to keep your workflow running quickly and efficiently. Our expert service staff is responsible for servicing and maintaining these machines. With Iowa-Des Moines Supply service and Betco chemical products, you can be assured of excellent results.