Training & Resources for Using Commercial Products, Equipment & Cleaners

Joe Janitor Academy was created by Iowa-Des Moines Supply to serve as a resource for training and tips on using the products we supply to our customers. Ensuring our customers get the best experience out of their Iowa-Des Moines Supply products is our responsibility. That’s why we offer tutorials and training for the products you possess. Joe Janitor Academy is a green-focused teaching and training resource for schools, in-housing cleaning staff, and contract service providers in the janitorial and sanitation industries.

Below are links to more information about the supplies and equipment we distribute at Iowa-Des Moines Supply. Explore these links to learn more about the products and the best practices in using them for your business. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

Floor and Carpet Care

Get every carpet fiber of benefit from your usage of Iowa-Des Moines Supply’s floor and carpet care products. Betco video tutorials on routine carpet maintenance will help to restore the look and feel of your flooring and carpeting, giving you the best business environment possible.

Commercial Floor Mats

Gaining rapport with and inviting customers into your business begins at the floor mats. Discover Andersen Company’s best practices and tips in keeping your floor mats (and reputation) clean.

Paper Products

Learn about all the best ways to utilize your Iowa-Des Moines Supply towels, tissue, hand care, and dispensers. Maximize your customer’s satisfaction by maximizing your business’s use of paper products.

Can Liners

The sturdier, lighter-weight trash bags from Iowa-Des Moines Supply prevent leaks and tears in your trash bin. Learn more about how to seal and protect your clientele from unpleasant odors through Interplast Pitt.

Restroom Care

Create the cleanest and most comfortable restrooms possible with Iowa-Des Moines Supply restroom care products. Learn how to use your bathroom cleaning products, dispensers, and paper products to their maximum potential.


The strong and effective Betco cleaning chemicals that are supplied by Iowa-Des Moines Supply are industry tested and customer approved. Having uses for every industry, our products pack the promise of quality.

Floor Care Equipment

Learn how to maintain your floor care equipment in order to preserve its life. Keep your equipment in top working order to provide the cleanest business environment possible.