We are honored to have received a DEAL award for Sustainability in Leadership from Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC earlier this year.

Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC presented the DEAL Awards earlier this year at the ISSA North America Show in Dallas, TX. The awards recognize the outstanding performance, contributions, and leadership of organizations that participate in the DEAL program.

“We are honored and humbled to have earned this recognition,” said company President Todd Weidmaier. “All of Iowa-Des Moines Supply’s leadership is proud of our staff members who embraced the DEAL program to help us on the path for continuous improvement.”

DEAL (Distributor Efficiency Analytics & Learning) is a comprehensive program developed and deployed by Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC. It incorporates learning, analytics, and recognition to help distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers benchmark their performance, streamline their operations, and realize significant savings in warehousing and fleet expenses. In addition to its three core components, the DEAL program also conducts semi-annual performance reviews, during which DEAL consultants provide one-on-one discourse. The reviews quantify the effect of each participant’s involvement in the DEAL program in terms of money saved, expenditures averted, and environmental impact. The DEAL program isn’t a one-and-done certification; it is an ongoing process focused on continuous improvement of those involved with it. “We believe this program will improve our operational efficiency and, in turn, make us a better partner for our customers.,” Weidmaier stated.

About Iowa-Des Moines Supply

Iowa-Des Moines Supply has been supplying Iowa businesses for over 80 years. Originally founded by Peter Mancuso as the Iowa Supply Company in 1937, his business first started out of the back of a truck. Decades later, Iowa-Des Moines Supply now carries over 5,000 industry products from 300 different vendors throughout the United States. Iowa-Des Moines Supply has been participating in DEAL for 3 years.

About Sustainability Dashboard Tools

Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC provides comprehensive facility performance data management services, including data gathering, data analysis software, the Sustainability Dashboard, and performance reporting to a range of business sectors. The Sustainability Dashboard is an advanced reporting system designed for business owners and managers and property developers involved in sustainability programs. The system measures and monitors energy, water, fuel consumption, and other metrics; it is specifically designed to be easy to use, reduce environmental impacts, save money, and create a culture of sustainability. For more information, visit www.green2sustainable.com.