Iowa-Des Moines Supply – Always Known As a “High Service” Company

Since 1937, Iowa-Des Moines Supply has consistently achieved the highest levels of satisfaction among our customers.

In 1996, our years of growth and learning caused us to make a commitment to be even better.

We developed new and efficient systems and processes for distributing commercial products throughout central Iowa. We added new, experienced people who fit our company culture. Iowa-Des Moines Supply then acquired a packaging distributor and a coffee services business. We carefully expanded into new business segments closely aligned with our core markets, which, in turn, has enabled us to become a “one-stop” supplier for many of our customers. Plus, we’re serving more customers than ever before! Why not?

Iowa-Des Moines Supply’s Competitive Edge

  • Our people are responsive, knowledgeable and service-oriented.
  • Our volumes produce competitive pricing.
  • There are no minimums.
  • More than 5,000 products are warehoused locally for immediate delivery.
  • And our in-house delivery fleet is standing by!

Discover for yourself the advantages of working with Iowa-Des Moines Supply, Inc.  I personally guarantee your total satisfaction.

William T. Weidmaier


Chief Executive Officer